"Bake yourself free: How this Iowan found a sweet new life after divorce."

"I was baking all night and my kitchen was a mess, but our tireless efforts to make this adventure a success benefitted our mental, emotional, physical and spiritural health."


"I Had Lunch at a Car Dealership" One Minute Marketer Blog, March 2019:


Check out Martha Wolf and The Ivy Bake Shoppe & Cafe on Iowa Journeys - Burlington 

Video "Published on Apr 14, 2016 - One of the most historic and beautiful cities in Iowa is the focus of this episode of Iowa Journeys with Bob Jensen and Jessie Polley. From winding Snake Alley to the contemporary downtown shops to the many family-oriented destinations to the legendary Mississippi River...Burlington has it all. Here is just a taste." Iowa Journeys


Chicago Tribune article by Mike Conklin, June 23, 2004:

"Everyone likes a good bakery, but in this Mississippi River town, where good times otherwise appear to have drifted downstream, the busy Ivy Bake Shoppe is more than a friendly gathering spot to drink coffee and sample region-famous blackberry scones." -Chicago Tribune


Time Magazine included The Ivy Bake Shoppe & Cafe in an article about river towns in January, 2000, written by Steve Lopez. The following link is a related article from the Ft. Madison Daily Democrat, July 2000:

." . .at the sinfully addictive Ivy Bake Shoppe, where Martha Wolf and Susan Welch Saunders' blackberry scones make the sorry impostors at a certain ubiquitous coffee-house chain taste like clay pigeons. . ." -Time magazine



Iowa Small Business Development Center, Ivy Bake Shoppe & Cafe, Fort Madison and Burlington, 2009:


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